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East Wall (2)

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East Wall (2)
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Photo Comments

View looking north along the 125 ft. [38 m.] long outer east wall of the Tobiad palace at Iraq el–Amir.   In the left foreground the southeast corner of the building dominates the image.  Note the rough outline of lions on the stones just above the molding.  These were probably never completely executed for work on the building was abandoned with the death of Hyrcanus in 175 B.C.

The lower portion of the wall is three courses of stone blocks high.   A stone molding marks the division between the upper and lower floors.    All totaled, it is estimated that the building was 40 ft. [12 m.] high.

Note the seven light areas along the second course of stones.  These are the places where seven windows allow light into the building from the east.  Click here  to see a better view of these windows, but on the west side of the building.

This image courtesy of Mark Connally.