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Israel: En Gedi — An Oasis on the Shore of the Salt Sea

En Gedi is a site located on the western shore of the Dead Sea 23 mi. [37 km.] “as the crow flies” southwest of Jerusalem, 18 mi. [29 km.] east-southeast of Hebron and 10 mi. [6 km.] north of Masada.  It is a desert oasis where David hid from Saul (1 Samuel 24), and here special spices were grown.  It was also famous for its vineyards (Song of Songs 1:14).


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Mount Gerizim

To the south of the modern city of Nablus (OT Shechem) is located Mount Gerizim—a mountain that is holy to the Samaritans.

Above is the well-preserved stair case that leads up to the "Sacred Area" on Mt. Gerizim.

There, the Samaritans built a series temples to worship God.  Today the community is very small—less than 700 persons—but they still participate in ancient rituals (especially notable is their Passover celebration in the spring of the year).

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