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Unique Mudbrick Buildings in Israel

It is very very rare to discover buildings with their roofs intact in Israel.  But such a discovery was made at Tell Jemmeh, a site located about 8 mi. south of Gaza.  These buildings evidently date to the days of the Judean kings Hezekiah and/or Manasseh in the 7th century B.C.  It may very well be that the great Assyrian ruler, Esarhaddon may have actually stayed in this palace located above these structures (2 Kings 19:37; Ezra 4:2; Isa 37:38)!!

Unfortunately, all of these marvelous structures have been destroyed by rain and wind.


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Nemrut Dagi

The mountain of Nemrut Dagi (in Turkey)  has been well–designated as a “World Heritage” site by UNESCO.  The mountain is 7,050 ft. [2,150 m.] high and is crowned by the worship center and burial tumulus of the Commagene king Antiochus I Epiphanes.

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