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Göbekli Tepe — a Neolithic Site in Turkey from 9,600 BC!

There is an outstanding Neolithic site 9 mi. north of Sanliurfa in southeastern Turkey.  The finds at this site include 18 ft. tall limestone standing stones with carved images of animals on them—from 9,600 BC.  I have posted some images of this site on my blog.


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Knidos Harbors (folder)

Knidos (Cnidus) was a very important city during the Hellenistic and Roman/Byzantine Periods located in southwestern Turkey.  It had trading connections with the eastern Mediterranean, including Egypt, and with Greece and Italy.

Because of its location on the very southwest tip of Turkey from here ships could head north into the Aegean, northwest to Greece, or west towards Rome.  The apostle Paul passed Cnidus on his voyage to Rome (Acts 27:7).

Among its many temples was the Temple of Aphrodite (Venus) with its famous statue of Aphrodite (now lost) by the sculptor Praxiteles.

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