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Images of the Healing Center at Pergamum

The Asclepion, the healing center of Pergamum (one of the Seven Churches of Revelation 2), was world famous – named after the healing god Asclepius (one of his titles was "savior!).  During the Roman period emperors such as Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, and Caracalla visited it.  People came to the Asclepion for “holistic” treatment that included recreation, theater, music, sports, fasting, late–night runs in the nude, mudpacks, cold and hot baths, potions, herbs, dream interpretation, etc.


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Lystra was a place visited by Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey (Acts 14:6, 8, 21). There they healed a crippled man. But when the local population tried to worship them as Hermes and Zeus - with oxen and garlands (Acts 14:11-13) - they refused the honor.

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