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Balage's Drawing of City

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Balage Balogh's drawing of first century AD Tiberias from the south looking north.

Herod Antipas built Tiberias from AD 18 to 22 naming the city after the Roman Emperor Tiberius (17–34).  Then he moved his capital from Sepphoris to Tiberias.

In the lower left of the image note the two round towers of the city gate.  From the gate the main street of the city, the cardo, leads north with shops (being constructed) along its length.  On the left (west) side of the image, note also the theater that is under construction.  On the right (east) side of the image the Sea of Galilee and the harbor of Tiberias are visible.  In the upper center of the picture note the large basilica and the open forum that is attached to it.

Herod Antipas was the son of Herod the Great who ruled Galilee from 4 BC to AD 39, beheaded John the Baptist, and before whom Jesus appeared in Jerusalem before his crucifixion.

At the time of the First Revolt (AD 66-70) Tiberias surrendered to the (then) general Vespasian.  The gate to the city was too small for his troops to enter so Vespasian made a breach in the city wall for the purpose (War iii.453–461 [9.8]).  But to-date (August 2012) no city wall from the first century AD has been found.

This image has been posted courtesy of Balage Balogh.  It may NOT be used on any other web sites, DVDs, or for any commercial purposes without the expressed written consent of Balage BaloghClick Here to contact Balage.  His images can be viewed at www.archaeologyillustrated.com.