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Temple Warning Inscription

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Temple Warning Inscription
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The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was surrounded by a fence (balustrade) that was about 5 ft. [1.5 m.] high.  On this fence were mounted inscriptions in Latin and Greek forbidding Gentiles from entering the temple area proper.

One complete inscription was found in Jerusalem and is now on display on the second floor of the “Archaeological Museum” in Istanbul.

The Greek text has been translated:  “Foreigners must not enter inside the balustrade or into the forecourt around the sanctuary.  Whoever is caught will have himself to blame for his ensuing death.”  Compare the accusation against Paul found in Acts 21:28 and Paul’s comments in Ephesians 2:14—“the dividing wall.”

This is a reproduction of the original that is in the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul Turkey—Click Here to view original.