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Bottom 1

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Bottom 1
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Photo Comments

View of the bottom area of Warren’s Shaft. This image was taken just west of the Gihon Spring. Water from the spring is actually visible in the lower portion of the image (brown! in color).

The large rock that dominates the image is "living" rock and forms a barrier. In the upper portion of the image is a yellow/orange light that illuminates the actual area where the bottom of the vertical portion of Warren’s Shaft is at.

In ancient times the water level rose from this level, flowed over the "living" rock to the lower portion of Warren’s Shaft.

View of the steepest part of the "diagonal tunnel" after cleaning and preparations for tourists.

For a brief description of this tunnel and a "pre-cleaning" view Click Here.

For a more complete of the "Warren’s Shaft" portion of ancient Jerusalem’s water system Click Here.