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View to Ephes Dammim

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View to Ephes Dammim
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Photo Comments

View from Kh. Qeiyafa looking south southwest at the Valley of Elah.

The Valley of Elah flows from left to right—the brown tilled soil is the actual valley itself.  Azekah (not visible in this image) is located behind the hills, on the far side of the valley.  Socoh (not visible in this image) is located to the left.

In the opinion of this writer, the Philistine camp at Ephes Dammim—between Socoh and Azekah (1 Sam 17:1)—was located in the area just above and slightly left of the center of the image where there is a light tan area in the image (a modern gas station is actually located just beyond this area).  [please note, that the location of Ephes Dammim is in fact not completely certain]

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