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Site Drawing

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Site Drawing
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Photo Comments

Balage Balog's artistic representation of ancient Shechem.  The view is looking to the north-northeast.  The city is surrounded by a circular wall with two gates—one on the right (east) and another on the left (west)—both of these have been discovered.   Within the city, on the left, is his representation of the temple/tower that dates to the Bronze Age.

In the upper left quadrant of the drawing is Mt. Ebal—to the north of Shechem.  On the right (east) is a very large and fertile plain. 

The roads heading left (west) lead down to the Sharon Plain via the Nahal Shechem—that leading off to the north (away from the viewer) is heading up towards Tirzah, the Wadi Farah, and Beth Shan.  The road heading south, off the lower right side of the image, heads south to Jerusalem.  Thus it is evident that Shechem was located at an important cross roads in the Hill Country of Manasseh/Samaria.

This image has been posted courtesy of Balage Balogh.  It may NOT be used on any other web sites, DVDs, or for any commercial purposes without the expressed written consent of Balage Balogh.  Click Here to contact Balage.  His images can be viewed at www.archaeologyillustrated.com.

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