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Central Door

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Central Door
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Photo Comments

The beautiful central door that is the work of Antonio Maraini (d. 1963) is rarely used.  The central cross is decorated in silver and within it depicts the "Tree of Life."

On the left side of the door are scenes from the life of Peter.  From bottom to top: Peter baptising others; Peter founds the See of Rome; Jesus (in silver) gives the keys of the Kingdom to Peter; Peter's vision of Christ as Peter was thinking about fleeing Rome (Domine, Quo Vadis?); and the crucifixion of Saint Peter—upside down.

On the right side of the door are scenes from the life of Paul.  From bottom to top: Paul travels to and arrives in Rome; Paul in his guarded lodging in Rome; Jesus (in silver) appears to Paul on the road to Damascus; Paul preaches in Rome; and the beheading of Paul in Rome.