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Apse of Eumachia

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Apse of Eumachia
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View looking east at the central apse (exedra) of the Building of Eumachia. A statue of Livia, as Concordia Augusta," and Tiberius and Drusus were placed in the apse at the far end of the courtyard.

The building is also called the "Portico of Concordia Augusta."  "Concordia" was a Roman goddess who embodied harmony in marriage and society.  Livia, Emperor Augustus' wife, built the first temple to "Concordia Augusta" in Rome.  It seems that Eumachia was emulating her.

This is the largest building at Pompeii and was built by a patroness of Pompeii who died around A.D. 15.  She was a priestess of Venus, the chief deity of Pompeii.  She was a patron not only of the city but also the woolworkers, dyers, and launderers at Pompeii.

Note the large open courtyard (green grass) that was surrounded by covered porticos.