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Triclinium 2

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Triclinium 2
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A view of one of the triclinium rooms that were available for rent at the villa.  Note the well-preserved frescos.  Couches were brought in for the events/meals as compared to some triclinia that had permanent couches.  Note the well-preserved frescos on three walls.  This triclinium opened on to the formal garden.

The house of Julia Felix (Praedia di Giulia Felice) is a very large complex that was rebuilt after the earthquake of A.D. 62.  It is located just to the northwest of the Amphitheater.  Two blocks (insulae) of Pompeii were combined into one to form it.  The complex consists of four parts: an atrium house, a large formal garden, a bath complex, and a large working garden.

From an inscription, it is known that it was owned by Julia Felix and parts of it were available to be rented to the elite of Pompeii.