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Mount Vesuvius and Gardens

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Mount Vesuvius and Gardens
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Photo Comments

View looking northwest from one of the southern gates of Pompeii—the Porta Nuceria—toward Mount Vesuvius.  Note the vineyards.  These are actually inside of the city, in Regio I.   Wilhelmina Jashemski (d. 2007) studied the gardens and green spaces of Pompeii and used  a plaster-cast system to identify root holes.  These gardens attempt to recreate the ancient ones that were in this area.

The caldera of the volcano is just to the right of the snow capped peak.   The mountain is now about 3,000 ft. [914 m.] high.  Prior to its eruption in August A.D. 79 it was about 6,000 ft. [1,830 m.] high.