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Palace East Wing

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Palace East Wing
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Photo Comments

View of one of the room in the east wing of the Level IV Palace that was excavated by Sir Leonard Woolley.  It was in use from 1500–1400 B.C. 

Note the horizontal "foundation" line of stones on top of which mud bricks (originals) were placed.  This type of construction was also used in the almost–contemporary palace/temple found by Amnon Ben Tor at Hazor in Israel!

This palace is one of the earliest examples of the "bit hilanni" style that became common in the Levant for over a thousand years.  This style was also used in Israel — at Megiddo and possibly Solomon's Palace in Jerusalem as described in 1 Kings 7.  See Ussishkin, David. “King Solomon's Palaces.” Biblical Archaeologist 36 (1973): 78–105.