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Theater 1

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Theater 1
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View looking east down into the orchestra area of the theater. On the lower right (south) is the stage area (part of a second century A.D. rebuild).

Notice that the theater is larger than a semi–circle. This "larger than and semi–circle" design is characteristic of early Greek theaters (later Roman ones were semi–circular in plan – Click Here to see one at Aspendos). This theater at Priene was built about 320 B.C. soon after the founding of the city — a little after the time Alexander the Great passed through this area.

The theater could seat 5,000 people and was used not only for cult and theatrical performances, but also for meetings of the demos, the citizens, of Priene. Note the well-preserved lower courses of seats, two of the five flights of stairs that lead up into the cavea, and the lowest ring of seats that, prior to the construction of the raised stage, were seats for the officials and nobles of Priene.

For a brief description of Priene and a map Click Here.