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Seven Sleepers Burial Chambers

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Seven Sleepers Burial Chambers
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A view of a selection of the burial chambers in the area of the "Seven Sleepers."

The area of the caves/tombs of the "Seven Sleepers" is located on the lower eastern slope of Panayır Dağ (ancient Mount Pion)—on the side opposite that of the well-known theater.

Notice the variety of rock carvings, caves, and tombs in this area.

According to Christian traditions a group of youths hid in the caves to escape the persecution of Christian by Emperor Decius around AD 250.   After falling asleep, they woke up 300 years later and thought they had only been asleep for a very short period of time.  There are many variations of this story regarding the location of the event as well as the names and number of the youths involved, but the location seems to focus on Ephesus.