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Temple of Artemis Pediment

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Temple of Artemis Pediment
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Photo Comments

A view of the reassembled pediment of the Temple of Artemis Leucophryne.  The pediment, and temple, was about 135 ft. wide and the pediment was supported by 8 Ionic columns.  There was a frieze representing the Amazonomachy, the battle between Greek warriors and the Amazons, that ran around the building.  Significant portions of this frieze were taken to Paris, Berlin, and Istanbul.

This version of the temple was designed and built by Hermogenes of nearby Priene (late 3rd–early 2nd century B.C.).  The famous architect Vitruvius (80-20 B.C.) based his temple designs on those of Hermogenes.  The temple had 8 by 15 columns for a total of 42 Ionic columns.  It measured 135 ft. x 220 ft.  It was the third or fourth largest temple in Anatolia—and Strabo (d. ca. 20 A.D.) considered it more beautiful than the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus—one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!