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A statue of Artemis in marble that dates to the Roman Period (second century A.D.; about 6 ft. [1.8 m.] high).  She is wearing a chiton that is tied above the waist — although given the mid–thigh draping this may actually be a stola, a Roman garment that is similar to a Greek chiton.  Note that above her right shoulder the top of her quiver is visible.  Possibly she held a bow in her left hand.

Artemis was the protectress of young girls and pregnant women and the mistress of wild animals.  She was known for her hunting ability and her symbols included the bow, quiver, and crescent moon.

The marble strut that supports her right arm is a common feature in copies of statues that were made during the Roman Period.  Note her slightly flexed left leg which indicates that her right leg is bearing her weight - a mild contrapposto pose.

There are quite a few different representations of Artemis.  Type in "Artemis Statue" in the Search Window and click  to view - this is very interesting!