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Farmer Sarcophagus

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Farmer Sarcophagus
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Photo Comments

View of a very rare type of sarcophagus that is located near the parking lot of  the Antalya Museum.  Usually such large sarcophagi—made for elite persons—are very richly decorated but this one, made out of limestone, features a farmer plowing his field with an "ox goad" in his hand.  The details of the plow are very clear although the pair of oxen do not appear to be completely finished.

A female figure, wife, appears in the left roundel while a male, husband, appears in the right one.  Typically farmers were not known to be wealthy and it is a mystery to me regarding the social status of the owner of this sarcophagus.

To view a modern version of this plow in operation Click Here and Here.

The place where this sarcophagus was found is not known to me.