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Refectory Wall Painting

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Refectory Wall Painting
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Photo Comments

A picture of one of the preserved wall paintings from the 13th century.  On the wall within the arch there seems to be a boat (on the left) and to its right a table with bread and fish on it—the feeding of the multitude (detail here).

Above the arch to the left is a depiction of Jesus walking on water—the figure with the halo around his head.  There are disciples in the boat who are depicted reaching out to two overlapping figures of Peter—indicating the sinking of one man—who is drowning in the billowing water.

Above the arch to the right it looks like another table with bread on it.

The Refectory (dining hall) of the Monastery of Saint John is where the monks used to have their meals together during their period of communal living.  It was one of the first buildings of the monastery and was completed in 1091!  It is a 54 x 21 feet rectangular structure.