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Houses Illustration

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Houses Illustration
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Photo Comments

View from the north looking south at the village of Capernaum—the "headquarters" of Jesus' public ministry.

The houses in the image are built out of basalt stone that was covered with plaster (partially worn away).  The flat roofs were composed of branches, twigs, mud, and plaster and rolled to seal them.  Note in the lower right the fish drying on the roof and in the center the covered "living area" on one of the roofs.   Also, note the staircase that leads up to the roof.

Recall the story of the paralyzed man who was let down through the roof (Mark 13:15).  The "House of Peter's Mother-in-law" was probably like one of these.

The houses were built around a common courtyard where many household activities took place (= "insula" construction).

The view is looking south down the 13 mi. [21 km.] length of the Sea/Lake of Galilee (Kinneret).  On the right (west) side of the image, where there is a light patch, where the city of Tiberias is located.

For a map and a brief description of Capernaum Click Here.

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