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Göbekli Tepe — Yes, this is the place you have heard about!

We will visit Göbekli Tepe on our 11-day tour of Exploring Biblical Anatolia and Eastern Turkey, October 4-14, 2024.  You are invited to join us.  Click Here for details.


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Philadelphia (modern Alashehir) is one of the seven churches that John addressed in the book of Revelation (3:7–13).  It is located about 80 mi. east of Smyrna (Izmir) in western Turkey.

In the ancient sources it was known for housing a number of temples and in A.D. 17 it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. In Revelation 3:12 the believer who "overcomes" is compared to a pillar (stability) in the temple of God, and on him/it three names will be written — compare the names inscribed on the columns of the temple of Zeus at Euromos.

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