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How to Use this Site

Quick Start
If you know the name of the place that you are looking for, check the alphabetical "Site List" OR type in the name in the "Search Window" and click search.

Registering for "UpDates" will keep you abreast of what has been added to this Site (promise: you will not be inundated with Email!).

There are several ways to find images on this Site.

Site List
Self-evident and alphabetical. If you cannot find a place, check alternate spellings because different translations of the Bible will sometimes spell names differently. For example: Chorazin (NASB, NRSV) vs. Korazin (NIV) or Beth-Shan (NASB, NRSV) vs. Beth Shan (NIV). Fortunately, such instances are not common.

Browse by Region
Images are cataloged by country, regions within a country, and then by sites within those regions.

A topical "Search" feature is provided.  Typical entries that can be searched are Geographical Names, Personal Names, Archaeological Periods, various topics, artifacts, etc.  If a "search word" does not yield results, try an  alternate spelling and/or a related term.

Viewing Images
To enlarge an image - click on it.
To close the enlarged image - click on it.

To download images to your computer - follow your browser's typical method AND see "Download" in the lower left portion of your screen.

For images used, please credit as follows: "Image(s) courtesy of HolyLandPhotos.org" - either in written or verbal form OR www.HolyLandPhotos.org.