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Synagogue Inscription

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Synagogue Inscription
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Photo Comments

This Greek inscription is located at the entrance to the main (Zodiac, Torah Shrine) hall of the synagogue.  The nine panels of the inscription praise those who had donated to the construction of the synagogue.

In the upper left panel, the inscription reads: "'Maximus vowing fulfilled [it]' — the functional equivalent of 'Maximus fulfilled his pledge for a contribution to the reconstruction of the synagogue.'  This is followed by a Greek word ζηση, which ... probably refers to Maximus—'Long may he live.'" (Shanks, p. 44)

The above description is from Shanks, Hershel. “Synagogue Excavation Reveals Stunning Mosaic of Zodiac and Torah Ark.” Biblical Archaeology Review vol. 10, no. 3 (1984): 32–44.

This synagogue dates to the 4th-5th centuries.