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Ivory Plaque

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Ivory Plaque
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Photo Comments

A 9-inch long ivory plaque that was part of an ivory hoard of 300 items from the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1150 B.C.) that were discovered in a palace near the Late Bronze Age Gate.  It was probably a furniture inlay.

There are two scenes.  On the right, a triumphant Canaanite ruler, standing in his chariot, return from battle.  He is leading two nude, circumcised, prisoners (probably bedouin or Shasu).  In the upper right note the winged sun disk that is probably a divine symbol.

On the left, note the seated ruler (throne guarded by cherubim) who is being served by a priestess (or queen).  To the right of her is a musician playing a lyre.  Behind, to the left of, the ruler's throne note the two servants and in the container between them the heads of two captured animals—a gazelle and a lion?

This object is on display in the Israel Museum.