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Basalt Lion 2

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Basalt Lion 2
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Photo Comments

This is one of a pair of basalt Lions that were found at Hazor.  They originally decorated the entrance to the "Orthostat Temple" in the Lower City.  They date to the Late Bronze Age (15th–13th Centuries B.C.).

Note the rear haunches and curdled tail, the mane, the ears, the eyes, and the snout.  This lion was found buried in a pit at the entrance to the Temple.

The design seems to be based on Syrian and/or Hittite prototypes.  See here for an example from Tell Tayinat in Turkey.   Or Here from Zincirli (Sam'al) in Turkey.

They are on display in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  Unfortunately, they are placed in the wrong positions.  If the passageway into the temple is between the lions, then they should have the carved surfaces facing inwards—on display to those who entered the temple.

Commentary modified from the display in the Israel Museum.