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Israelite Cult Site Podium

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Israelite Cult Site Podium
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Photo Comments

View looking northwest at the cult [worship] center of Dan prior to reconstruction. It measures 62 ft. [19 m.] by 26 ft. [8 m.].This area is located on the north side of the mound.

The stairs on the left side of the image lead up to the top of the platform of this religious center. The platform is made out of hewn limestone blocks - often set in "header and stretcher" construction.

In the lower left portion of the image is a portion of the northern wall that enclosed the area where the large sacrificial altar was located. This wall is clearly of "header and stretcher" construction. Note how some stones are laid in long-wise, while others are sideways.

This area was a worship center at least from the time of the first king of Israel - namely Jeroboam I (930-909 B.C.). He is the one who placed golden calves in Bethel and here at Dan (1 Kings 12:29-30). The area remained a sacred area through the fourth century A.D.

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