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Tabernacle/Temple Panels

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Tabernacle/Temple Panels
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Photo Comments

In the two panels above the zodiac, numbers 4 and 5, are representations of items used in both Tabernacle and Temple worship—associated with the consecration of Aaron and his descendants.

In the three-part panel just above the zodiac—panel number 4—are, from left to right, the following:  "window" one—trumpets (not the shophar), a sheep for sacrifice, a jug of oil [labeled as such in Hebrew], and a pile/bucket of fine flour [again labeled in Hebrew=the "meal offering"].  In the central "window" the table for the showbread, with the 12 loaves, is represented, and to the right of that offerings of a basket of firstfruits are represented (note the two birds hanging outside the basket).

In the three-part panel above this—panel number 5—are from right to left: two water basins on a column, in the center "window" a portion of the sacrificial altar with two of its horns is visible, and on the left a bull and a lamb (sacrificial animals), both labeled in Hebrew.

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