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Theater from Above 2

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Theater from Above 2
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Photo Comments

View looking down onto the partially reconstructed "Royal Theater" at the Herodium.  The lower part of the cavea and the diazoma have been reconstructed.  The "Royal Box" was located on the left side of the image, where columns are visible.

Herod built his small theater (possibly better called an "odeum?") on the northern slope of the Herodium.  It had a stage (skene) with semicircular rows of seating (cavea) facing it and entrances at both the top and bottom of the structure.  The upper and lower sections of seating are separated by a wider horizontal aisle (diazoma), and three staircases connected them.

A total of thirteen rows of stone seats accommodated an audience of about three hundred.  A two-story royal reception hall was centrally located above the tiers of seats.  A staircase on one side led to the upper story, with a view of the stage and scenic surroundings.