Southern Wall

Southern Wall

View looking north at the southern wall of the model of the Herodian Temple Mount.

In the upper portion of the image note the 36 acre Temple Mount with the white Temple glistening in the center.

The southern wall consists of“pilasters and recesses” in the reconstruction.  These are based upon those found at the “Tomb of the Patriarchs”—a known Herodian structure located in Hebron.  The long Red Roof building is the Royal Portico with windows in its clerestory.

Stairs on the far left (west) lead down from the Robinson’s Arch area.  Those just left (west) of center lead down from the “Double Gate,” while those lower right (east) lead  up to the “Triple Gate.”

In the lower-left portion of the image is a structure with a pyramid-shaped roof—this is a representation Huldah Monument (possibly named after the Old Testament prophetess; 2 Kings 22:14–20).

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