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Vertical Shaft 1

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Vertical Shaft 1
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Photo Comments

View looking up Warren’s Shaft when it was climbed in the late 1970’s – just prior to its clearing by Y. Shiloh. This vertical shaft was discovered in 1867 by Charles Warren. It is 38 ft. [11 m.] long. Although primarily a natural shaft, it has been postulated that the ancient inhabitants of Jerusalem would have lowered buckets or sack through it in order to collect water from below.

It has also been postulated that Joab climbed this shaft in order to surprise the Jebusites and capture the city of Jerusalem for David (2 Sam 5:6–8; 1 Chron 11:4–9). Because of the recent discoveries of Ronny Reich – several large towers guarding the Gihon Spring and associated pool, many have abandoned the above view.

If the early view is to be abandoned, it should not be because a 69 year old male complains that he had difficulty climbing the shaft (see the opening bibliography). Indeed a good (unnamed) friend of mine has climbed it over 50 times – without a rope!

For another view of the shaft Click Here.

Photo courtesy of Ken Evans.