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Barclay's Gate

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Photo Comments

View looking east at a detail of the women's section. Note the staircase that leads up into a small room. At the top of this staircase a woman is leaving a small room.

Just above her, and slightly to the viewer's  left, a portion of a very large stone is visible. A large portion of this stone is obscured by the room at the top of the stairs. This stone is actually the lintel (top portion) of a gate that was built by Herod the Great (37-4 B.C.), which was in existence in Jesus' day. It is approximately 21 feet long [7 m.].

Just below this massive lintel are some much smaller stones (just above the railing). These smaller stones actually block the gate entrance that was almost 27 feet [9 m.] high. This gate is known as "Barclay's Gate," named after a nineteen century explorer. Directly above where the woman is standing is the "green door," the current tourist entrance into the "Haram esh-Sharif" area.