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Priestly Blessing Amulets

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Priestly Blessing Amulets
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Photo Comments

These two amulets were discovered during the excavations of an Iron Age repository in the Tombs of Ketef Hinnom.  They were incised with a sharp thin stylus.

The lower part of the inscription has been identified as a version of Numbers 6:24-26:  "The Lord bless you and protect you.  The Lord deal kindly and graciously with you.  The Lord bestow his favor upon you and grant you peace" — the Priestly blessing.

This larger amulet reads:

"[...] YHW ... the grea[t ... who keeps] the covenant and [G]raciousness toward those who love [him] and those who keep [his commandments ...] the Eternal [...] [the?] blessing more than any [sna]re and more than Evil.  For redemption is in him.  For YHWH is our restorer [and] rock.  May YHWH bles[s] you and [may he keep you.  [May] YHWH make [his face] shine ..."  From the descriptive sign by the amulets in the Israel Museum.

The small amulet reads:

"[For so-and-so, (the son/daughter of ...] h/hu.  May h[e]/sh[e] be blessed by YHWH, the warrior and the rebuker of [Evil]: May YHWH bless you, keep you.  May YHWH make his face shine upon you and grant you p[ea]ce" From the descriptive sign by the amulets in the Israel Museum.