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View in Eastern Benjamin looking west at the Palestinian village of Taibeh located 13 mi. NNE of Jerusalem.  The antiquity site at et–Taiyibeh, might be associated with Ophrah, a town allotted to Benjamin (Josh 18:23) and towards which a philistine raiding party advanced (1 Sam 13:17) and/or Ephron, One of the villages that Abijah took from Jeroboam (2 Chron 13:19).

Some have also identified it with NT Ephraim, a town near the wilderness to which Jesus retreated (John 11:45), although Kh. el-Maqatir seems to be a better candidate for "Ephraim" of the NT.

Modern Taibeh is a Christian village.  It is famous for its Taybeh Beer!  Its "twin", Ramun, is a few miles to the south and it is a Muslim village.