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Photo Comments

View from the northwest looking southeast across the Macellum that is located on the east side of the Forum of Pompeii (see below for a description).  This Macellum measures 120 x 90 feet and was surrounded by shops.  The round structure in the center of the image is a tholos (see below).  Beyond the tholos, on the right, are perpendicular walls that outline where shops for the sale of produce were located—on the south side of the Macellum.

On the east (left) side of the image there are three rooms.  The central seems to have held statues of members of the Imperial Family—maybe those of Octavia (sister of Augustus) and Marcellus (son of Octavia).

A Macellum is a large market area where produce (fruits and vegetables) and fish were sold.  They are typically surrounded by shops and often will have a round (tholos) structure in the center.    The function of the tholos can vary from macellum to macellum, but often times they contained water holdings tanks where fresh fish could be kept for sale—fishscales and fishbones were found under this tholos.