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Arco Felice Arch Detail

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Arco Felice Arch Detail
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Photo Comments

View of a Roman arch along the Roman Road that led from Puteoli to Cuma—to the northwest of Puteoli.  It is about 60 high and 36 feet deep.  It was built during the reign of Emperor Domitian—about A.D. 95.

Note on each side of the arched opening, the niches where statues were placed in ancient times.  The modern road runs on the basalt paving stones of the Roman Road!

This Roman Road was called the "Via Domitiana" and led from Puteoli to Cuma and from there to Sinuessa/Sinope where it connected to the Via Appia that led to Rome.  North of Cuma, this road ran along the coast.  Because of its "late date," is it not too probable that the Apostle Paul, as a prisoner, traveled this road to Rome (ca. A.D. 60).