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Roman Road at McDonalds Interior

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Roman Road at McDonalds Interior
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Photo Comments

A view of the interior of the McDonald's in Frattocchie.  The Roman Road is clearly visible below the glass flooring of the dining section of McDonald's.

This picture is a screenshot of the interior of McDonald's at Frattocchie taken from Google Maps.

For a view of the excavated area, click here.

The Roman Road was discovered when a Mcdonald's was being constructed in 2014 in the modern town of Frattocchie.

The excavated area is about 150 ft. long.  The roadbed is about 6.9 ft. wide and is constructed mainly of basalt paving stones.  On the south side, there was a walkway for pedestrians that is about 2.6 ft. wide.  On the north side is a drainage ditch constructed of stone.  In later times, after the road went out of use, people were buried here—note the skeletons in the ditch.

This was a branch road that led to the town of Boviallae.  This portion of the road is only about 200 ft. from the Appian Way on which Paul traveled, in custody, to Rome. The turn to Boviallae seems to be between Roman Miles XII and XI on the via Appia—that is, about 10 mi. south of where the Via Appia ended near the Circus Maximus (now in modern Rome).