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Zeus of Gaza

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Zeus of Gaza
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Photo Comments

View of a huge marble statue of Zeus that was discovered at Tell el-Ajjul—located about 4.5 miles southwest of Gaza City.  It dates to the Second Century B.C.

The statue is about 10 feet 6 inches high(!).  It depicts Zeus sitting on a throne, but the front portion of the statue has been cut off, that is, the lap and legs of Zeus are missing. In this regard, compare the statue of Hades/Pluto seated on a throne found at Hierapolis that, although much smaller, looks much like this statue.

For a "Small Zeus" on display in the Archaeology Museum in Istanbul see Here.

The statue was discovered in 1879 or 1880 by the inhabitants of Tell el-Ajjul. It originally was in a temple in, or to the east of, Roman Gaza, but was moved to the Tell el-Ajjul area at some time and repurposed there.

Zeus was the head of the Greek Pantheon.