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Abduction of Kore and Infant Dionysus at Nysa

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Abduction of Kore and Infant Dionysus at Nysa
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Photo Comments

This theater panel depicts two events—both associated with the region around Nysa.

This panel depicts the aftermath of the abduction of Kore by Pluto.  Beginning on the left, there are two nymphs who are racing to tell Artemis and Athena, who had been picking flowers with Kore, that she had been abducted.  The nymph on the left is under a vine full of grapes.  The bellowing garments of the two nymphs indicate their hast to share the news.

Artemis is in her typical short skirt, peplos, and hunting boots—putting her arm on the shoulder of the nymph.  Her quiver and part of her bow are visible.  To the left (our right) of Artemis is Athena, with her typical breastplate, shield with Gorgon, and spear.

Further to the right two females approach a seated Demeter, mother of Kore.  She is sitting on a cylindrical object that is typical of her.  To her left stands Aphrodite, a helper of Pluto, who probably got Kore into trouble!

To the left of her is a naked Hermes, holding the infant Dionysus.  Hermes is recognizable by the kerykeion (caduceus) that is laying over his left shoulder.  He seems to be presenting the baby Dionysus to a nymph on the far right of the panel.  Shaking of hands is a gesture of "welcome."

The description above is an abbreviation of the commentary offered by Egisto Sani on a similar picture on his flickr account.  He in turn is dependent upon the original work of Ruth Lindner, "Mythis und Identität."

Lindner, Ruth. Mythos Und Identität: Studien Zur Selbstdarstellung. Stuttgart: Steiner, 1994.