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Photo Comments

View of a seated statue of the god of the Underworld (Greek: Hades; Latin: Pluto).

Below him, to our left, is a statue of Cerberus, the dog that guards the entrance/exit to the Underworld—which prevents inhabitants from leaving the realm.  Often, but not always, he has multiple heads—usually three.  Here he has only one head, but note the snake(s) wrapped around his body and his paws.

According to the sign in the museum, the statue dates to the second century A.D. and was found in the theater of Hierapolis.

It looks very much like the replica statue that towers over the Plutonium.

For a description of Hades/Pluto see the Wikipedia Article. Hades. (2023, May 24). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hades