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TH6 Peristyle Aedicula

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TH6  Peristyle Aedicula
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Photo Comments

View looking northwest at a detail of an aedicula, small worship area, north of the peristyle courtyard in Unit 6.  The aedicula is the small structure in the center of the image embedded in the wall with two columns in front of it.  Evidently the worship of household gods took place here.

There are recessed niches on each side of the aedicula.  Note also the fresco on the wall on the left side of the image.

Unit 6 is the largest and most elaborate of the Terrace Houses excavated.  Although it was originally constructed in the Early Roman Period this phase of Unit 6 dates to the second century A.D. when the Unit was rebuilt and expanded.  At that time it served the family of C. Flavius Furius Aptus who held municipal and priestly offices.   It was evidently destroyed by one of the earthquakes in the third century A.D.