Plancia Magna Inscription 1

Plancia Magna Inscription 1

This inscription is resting north of the Hellenistic Gate at Perge. It is written in Latin (first two lines) and Greek (final two lines). It probably supported a statue donated to Perge by Plancia Magna.

A suggested translation follows:

Latin (first two lines)

to the "genius" of the city
Plancia the Great daughter of Marcus

Greek (last two lines)

to the fortune of the city
Plancia Magna

The Latin and Greek texts can be transliterated as follows:

...g]enio civitatis
plancia m f magna

tuxei tes poleos
plankia magna

Comment: Marcus is probably a reference to her father, M. Plancius Varus, who was the proconsul of Bithynia. The family had large estates in Galatia. In A.D. 120, among other things, she had a number of statues of members of the imperial house erected at Perge.

Thanks to Kathryn Zurek and Drs. Kevin Cragg and Mark Reasoner for their work on this translation.

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