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Photo Comments

View looking north down the length of the stadium. Note the slopes on each side of the track where the spectators sat.  The tunnel that led from the dressing room exited on to the track on the left (west) side, about half way down the extant track.

The stadium was originally 600 “feet” long.  The Greek “foot” varied in size from place to place (Olympia = 12.6 in. [32.05 cm.]) but at Nemea it was 11.7 in. [29.65cm.] long.  Thus the stadium here at Nemea was actually 161 yrds. [176 m.] long.  Unfortunately about one third of it at the far (north) end has eroded away.

The line of stones (from left to right/west to east) in the lower half of the images is one of the two starting lines (there was another, now eroded away at the far end of the stadium).  For a view of the “starting area” Click Here .

In the very lower right portion of the image a small stone structure is visible, this was a fountain that fed water to two channels that ran around the left (west) and right (east) side of the stadium (these are visible; Click Here  for details).

The surface of the track was a yellow clay that is now covered with sand for protection.

For a map and introductory comments on the stadium at Nemea Click Here.