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Nike of Paionios (1)

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Nike of Paionios (1)
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Photo Comments

This is a statue of a “Winged Victory” that was originally placed on a triangular shaped base that was about 29 ft. [8.8 m.] high and that stood to the southeast of the Temple of Zeus.

The statue itself is 7 ft. [2.1 m.] high and is made of Parian marble.  It dates to the Classical Period, to about 421 B.C.  It was dedicated to Zeus by the Messenians of Naupactos celebrated a victory in the Peloponnesian War.

The Winged Victory is depicted as a winged woman swooping down to land on the pedestal.  Note the drapery pressed against her body, almost transparent in places and billowing out behind her.  It is the work of Paionios of Mende in Thrace.

Click Here for another view.  To view a model of this Nike Click Here.