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Tower Cranes

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Tower Cranes
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Photo Comments

This is a view looking west-northwest at two of the three tower cranes that were used to move objects from the Old Acropolis Museum to the New Acropolis Museum.  The old museum was located on the summit of the acropolis in the area just behind where the white crane is located.  The new museum is located off the lower left side of the image but is not visible in the photograph.

The white crane fetched objects from the top of the acropolis, pivoted, and then they were transferred to the second, orange, crane.  The orange crane, in the middle of the image, pivoted and transferred the objects to the third crane, not visible, which was off the left side of the image.  The third crane pivoted and the objects were deposited into the new museum.  The distance covered was approximately 310 yards—using the three cranes.

This picture was taken in January 2009.  The whole process of transferring the objects took four months.

The New Acropolis Museum" was opened to the public in June 2009.  The old museum was located on the top of the acropolis and was completed in 1874.

The museum is built to hold and display artifacts found on and around the acropolis.  Over 4,250 objects are on display in it.