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Tower of the Winds 1

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Tower of the Winds 1
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Photo Comments

View looking south at the north face of the Tower of the Winds.   This structure was built about 150–125 B.C. — prior to the actual construction of the Forum.  Others suggest that it was constructed by the Greek architect and astronomer Andronikos of Kyrrhos ca. 50 B.C.

In any case, this octagonal marble building is 40 ft. [12 m.] tall and about 26 ft. [8 m.] in “diameter.”  Along the top register it has representations of the eight winds carved in relief.  It served as a weather vane and a clock (some also say as a sundial).  Evidently the water clock (horologion) was actually inside the building and the door of the building was kept open so passersby could view it.

The building is well–preserved for it served as the bell–tower of a Byzantine Church and later as a tekke, a Sufi monastery for dervishes.