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Full Stature

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Full Stature
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Photo Comments

View of the full bronze statue of the Charioteer.  In his right hand the charioteer holds the leather reins of his four horses. 

“The Charioteer stands erect; his long robe with its almost columnar fluting is the epitome of elegance.  The folds of the robe (a long tunic called a xystis) fall in a natural way, varying in width and depth, and the whole garment seems capable of swaying and rippling with the charioteer’s movement” (Stokstad, 181).  His calm demeanor does not suggest the heat of a race, but rather the pose of a victor taking a “victory lap.”

It is 5 ft. 11 in. [1.8 m] high. It was originally standing in a chariot that was pulled by four horses and the whole grouping was placed on the top of a monument and viewed from below.

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