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Fruitless Olive Tree

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Fruitless Olive Tree
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Photo Comments

View of the branches of an olive tree that is not bearing any olives.  This picture was taken on the same day that the previous one was taken.

There are several possible explanations as to why this tree is not bearing olives.  It may be too young—trees are typically 5-6 years old before they bear fruit.  Or, it should be noted that olive trees produce fruit every other year—one year fruit, the next growing/developing branches.

This picture was taken in October and it is probable that these olives would be harvested within a week or so.  A typical tree will produce about 22–44 lbs. [10–20 kgms.] of fruit.

Note the beautiful leaves on these branches.  The leaves have a dark green side and a lighter one.  They are covered with a layer of wax enabling the trees to survive extended droughts.  The trees are actually evergreen—having leaves throughout the year.


This image courtesy of Mark  Connally.