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Sailing Ships

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Sailing Ships
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Photo Comments

In the museum in Sinope is a sarcophagus that has a sailing ship and its "dinghy" engraved in bas relief.  On the other hand, the small vessel, with a sail(!), may not be in tow (note its own billowing sail), but rather another sailboat that is being depicted as being in the distance—and thus is smaller than the nearer vessel.

The Apostle Paul, and companions, may have sailed on such vessels.  Note the steering oars at the stern of the ship, the billowing main sail and what looks like a jib near the bow of the boat.  Even the guy-lines are visible in the image.  Note the dinghy (? that has its own sail!) that is being towed by the main boat!

An inscription on the sarcophagus reads: "Cornelius Arrianus is lying here.  His age is 60."