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Circular Altar

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Circular Altar
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Photo Comments

View from above of the large Early Bronze Age circular altar that is situated in the German Trench on the east side of Megiddo.

The altar, made out of field stones, is 26 ft. [8 m.] in diameter and 4.5 ft. [1.4 m.] high. On the left side of the altar the flight of steps that lead up to its top are clearly visible. In the vicinity pottery and animal bones, from sacrifices, were found. This altar had already gone out of use by the time Abraham entered the land of Canaan.

The corner of walls in the lower right portion of the photo is the corner of one of three temples that were built in the vicinity of the altar.

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This image courtesy of Jerry Hawkes.

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Image from the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible, p. 86.