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Corinth Erastus Inscription

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Corinth Erastus Inscription
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Part of a pavement found near the theater which mentions "Erastus" who was the aedile of the city of Corinth. An "aedile" was in charge of the financial matters of the city — and was very wealthy. The pavement was laid about A.D. 50.

The New Testament book of Romans was written by Paul from Corinth to the church in Rome in the spring of A.D. 57. In Romans 16:23 Paul says that "Erastus, the city treasurer greets you . . . ." It is very probable that the "Erastus" mentioned in Romans is the very same person who is mentioned in this inscription.

The two lines on the inscription have been transcribed by John McRay in the following way:



He suggests that the full transcription can be translated as "Erastus in return for his aedileship laid (the pavement) at his own expense."

For an extensive discussion of this inscription and the various options that the various Latin and Greek terms suggest, see John McRay Archaeology and the New Testament. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1991: 331–33.  To view for purchase Click Here.

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