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The Grotto of the God Pan

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The Grotto of the God Pan
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Photo Comments

View looking north at the base of the limestone cliff at the opening of a not-too-deep cave from which the spring used to originate.  Due to seismic activity, the source of the spring is slightly to the south now.

This cave is the nucleus beside which the sacred sanctuary was built.  In the "abode of the shepherd god Pan," a pagan cult began as early as the 3rf century BCE.  The ritual sacrifices were cast into a natural abyss reaching the underground waters at the back of the cave.  If the victims disappeared in the water, this was a sign that the god had accepted the offering.  If however, signs of blood appeared in the nearby springs, the sacrifice had been rejected." (from at sign at the site)

Some think that a temple dedicated to the Roman Emperor Augustus (27 B.C. — A.D.14) was built there by Herod the Great (after 20 B.C.).  But not too much of this temple remains.  Many believe that the temple built by Herod the Great was located at Omrit—myself included.

For a view of this cave and the current spring Click Here .